woensdag 26 juni 2013


Ik heb weer een popje klaar, ze heet Mary,

Ik heb er geen woorden voor alleen maar veel foto's.....

Groetjes Christa.

12 opmerkingen:

Xisca zei

is erg mooi!!!!!

Yolanda Morán zei

Yo si que no tengo palabras, es la belleza hecha miniatura, una verdadera maravilla, absolutamente perfecta, me encanta.
Un abrazo.

Christa Chayata zei

Bedankt Xisca.....

Thank you so mats Yolanda.
for the nice compliment.

Hannah zei

Wow! That's really beautiful!!

Inge zei

Wat is ze prachtig!

Christa Chayata zei

Thank you Hannah, yeh think so to..

Bedankt Inge voor het compliment.

Katrina zei

She is so beautiful and looks very sensitive. Hugs Kati

elizabeth s zei

Hello Christa! Your doll is very beautiful and she has some wonderful details in her hair and her pose is lovely! She has a very pensive expression and a look in her eyes that makes me think that she is somehow sad, but with a figure like hers what is there to be sad about? Her lingerie is exquisite! You have a beautiful sewing hand to make the robe fit and drape the way it does! Brava!


Patrizia zei

Un gran capolavoro!!

Christa Chayata zei

Hallo Elizabeth and Patty,

Thank you both for the nice compliment.
Means a lott to me.

Ferlop zei

Está perfecta, muy real y muy bien conseguida.


Christa Chayata zei

Thanks so mats Jean Ferlop for your nice comments.